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Industry articles I find interesting. Not an endorsement of any kind – just fuel for thought.

Social Media Marketing

How Mayo Clinic Dominates Social Media
Running a successful social campaign in a tightly regulated environment such as healthcare can be a daunting task for any marketing professional. Between privacy laws, data security, and overcoming the public’s “ick” factor for some topics, generating organic reach can seem nigh impossible. How can you overcome these obstacles to create an authentic journey for your customers and highly skilled employees?

Clever Ways to Convert Instagram Visitors to Followers
A general rule of thumb with Instagram marketing is that if you follow 20 new accounts in the bid to get them to follow you back, 15 will visit your feed, 7 of them will engage (like or comment) but only 2-3 will actually follow you back.

How to Master Your First Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter
Last week, Snapchat rolled out new Geofilter options that allow small businesses to create promotional filters for users. Geofilters are photo filters that can only be accessed in specific geographic locations. You can see a few examples of Geofilters below.

Email Marketing

10 List Building Techniques for Businesses with Limited Email Marketing Budget
Email is a very powerful and affordable lead generation tool that businesses can employ. Given the innovative products and solutions offered by marketing automation companies, email’s ability to deliver famous 44% return on the investment has enhanced …

The Future of Email Marketing [Video]
Think of the innovations that have impacted email marketing professionals in the past 5 years—things like mobile devices becoming the dominant email-reading platform, … the cross-channel integration of email marketing, and the emergence of interactive email functionality like email carousels and hamburger menus.

Two Tremendous Revenue Opportunities for Email Marketers
There’s untapped potential for email marketers on Saturdays and Sundays, according to a new report. The findings also reveal a major lift in revenues with loyalty program emails.

Video Marketing

10 Tips for Adding Video to Your Digital Marketing Mix [infographic] Video consumption is on the rise, but many marketers are uncertain how to strategically go about producing video content and Integrating it into their existing email, social media and other digital marketing channels. Learn how you can add video to your marketing mix and move the needle on acquisition, engagement and revenue.

What Marketers Need to Know About YouTube Red
Last October, YouTube unveiled YouTube Red, a subscription service for U.S. customers that offers ad-free videos, offline viewing, and free access to Google Play Music—all for just $9.99 a month. Now, YouTube is sweetening the pot with its own batch of original content, created in part with homegrown YouTube stars.

5 Overlooked Ways To Use Video To Build Your Brand
I predict that eventually most emails will be replaced with video mails, meetings will more likely be delivered by video teleconference, and other forms of communications that use the 26 letters of the alphabet will upgrade to moving pictures. If you want to stand out, don’t wait for video to become the norm; get comfortable in front of the camera now.

User Interface & User Experience

Mouse Tracking Is The Only Valid Data Visualisation Tool For UX Designers
Chewing through a large dataset of numbers is like eating stale cereal – boringly unpleasant. Yet, when evaluating the User Experience of websites or web apps we do not only focus on numbers, since…

Why Companies Don’t Conduct User Research
Doing user research is like eating healthy food, exercising, and getting an annual checkup. Almost everyone recognizes that it’s good to do these things, but many people fail to do them. Similarly, many companies neglect to do user research. Why? In this column, I’ll discuss the most common excuses I hear from companies and project teams that don’t conduct user research—and I’ll provide solutions to overcome them.

Hierarchy of Trust: The 5 Experiential Levels of Commitment
Sites must meet users’ basic trust needs before they demand that visitors enter information or engage with them. There are 5 distinct levels of user commitment, each with their own design requirements for users to give a website what it wants from them.

 Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The Case for a Virtual Reality Code of Conduct
If large pre-order demand and hype-suffused tech demo halls are any indication, 2016 is the year that virtual reality heats up from smoke to fire. Once we’re in the metaverse, will we behave ourselves?

Researchers warn about psychological impact of virtual reality
The technological capacity for generating virtual worlds from home computers will soon be widely available to the general public, as special head-mounted displays are brought to market that create the illusion of being immersed in virtual three …

Sony Sets an Age Limit for PlayStation VR
While the virtual reality (VR) industry continues to grow at an impressive rate, there’s been little mention of how compatible the tech will be for children. Oculus VR and Samsung have set at 13+ age limit for using the Gear VR mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD), and it’s thought the former might also do the same for the upcoming Oculus Rift.

 Webinars, Podcasts & Speaking

The Ultimate Presenter Checklist for Running (Seemingly) Flawless Webinars
If you’ve been asked to be a presenter for an upcoming webinar – congrats! Webinar presenters are most often chosen because they are articulate, engaging, and an expert in their field, so kudos to you. It’s an honor, but it can be a lot of work, and even a bit stressful, especially if you are new to the webinar presenter game.

Standardizing Audience Measurement [podcast] Do you know how many people listen or watch your podcast? Do you have stats? Are they accurate? Would you know if they weren’t?

4 Steps to Start a Successful Podcast
Thinking of starting a podcast? I’m here to say that it’s not a bad idea. Podcasting is quickly growing in popularity, with 17 percent of Americans 12-and-over listening to at least one broadcast per month.

Mobile Marketing

Google’s AMP: The Fun and User-Friendly Guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages
Watch the video. Ignore the copy. That’s my advice to you once you land on Google’s site dedicated to the newAccelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project.

Mobile and Digital Rewards Programs Are Most Used In-Store Technologies
Retailers are increasingly using in-store digital technologies to enhance the customer experience, and ultimately, drive purchases of products. According to December 2015 research, mobile and digital rewards programs are two of the most used in-store technologies.

How Mobile Ad Formats Will Shift and Grow in 2016
Mobile native ads and video ads have been growing in use by marketers. A recent survey* from Trusted Media Brands Inc. (TMBI) uncovers the primary benefits of each and predicts likely growth based on intent to use by clients and agencies across 2016. Native ads utilize content that bears a similarity to the news, feature articles, product reviews, entertainment and other materials that surround them online.

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