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2017 Higher Ed CMS Survey

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A survey of higher ed institutions to learn and share what CMSs are in use and what was in use before. This survey will close March 31, 2017. Please spread the word and share this survey. If you have updates to make, please contact me. Last updated Jan. 20,2017

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2017 Results

(survey will close March 31, 2017)

Chart of CMS in use by higher ed Chart of CMSs they left

Higher Ed CMS by School

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  1. Take these results with a grain of salt. On a quick review I was able to spot 2 that I know to be inaccurate, based on a review of higher ed websites within a 50 mi radius of my school. On spot-checking I was able to find another.

    For example:

    University of Rochester does NOT use Hannon Hill Cascade CMS, at least not in any obvious way. They primarily use an array of WordPress instances. (I suppose it’s conceivable they might be using WordPress to _render_ Cascade CMS pages, but why? And that they’d feel a need to do that would be a very significant fact that should be captured in the survey.) They did use Cascade CMS as of 2012, so it’s possible the person filling the survey got the fields reversed.

    University at Buffalo uses AdobeCQ. This is functionally equivalent to using Adobe AEM. They seem to use CQ across all the main program sites, with a few exceptions such as distinct schools or sub-institutions using other products.

    On a hunch I checked University at Albany. They do not use Drupal in any obvious way. What they have are PHP pages that include Dreamweaver markup.

    This raises the question: Why would people inaccurately answer a survey about their own school? There are several fairly obvious reasons, but they’re mostly a variation on there being no way to know the survey’s gotten to the right person.

    1. Author

      Thank you for the feedback! You’re right re: no way to know if the survey landed in the right person’s email box. The only place I posted the invite was on the uwebd listserv. I also realized after I started getting replies that some schools have multiple CMSs in place. And there’s then the renegade group that refuses to follow the school standard.

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