WordPress has an (Android) App for that.

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Not too long ago I downloaded a copy of WordPress for Android app. I’ve been wanting to do this now that I’m getting back into blogging. The latest release of the app on January 30, 2014 made me curious about the history of the app. So I did a bit of digging.

In July of 2008, WordPress released its first ever WordPress for iOS app followed by the Android version in 2010. The apps made managing your WordPress site from your smartphone easy – a gift for bloggers on the go. WordPress demonstrated an almost Apple like sense of user awareness and attempted to make their apps user friendly. The mobile devices of the time were less powerful but the WordPress apps were relatively user and mobile device friendly. See the promo video below. 

Today, WordPress has two development teams made up mostly of volunteers hard at work moving apps for both platforms forward. You can keep abreast of what’s happening with the development cycle and get involved here:

home-nexus-5If you’re going to install the WordPress for Android App then you’ll need to be sure you have the following items:

  • The JetPack plugin installed and configured.
  • An account at WordPress.com (for JetPack to talk to).
  • Your username & password for your WordPress.com account
  • Your username & password for your self-hosted blog

The image at right is a screen shot of one of the more recent versions of the app. I downloaded a copy and played with it. I like it and will report back here after I’ve had time to break … test it. You can get a copy of your own to play with at Google Play

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