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I like to help the people especially when it comes to web related issues. But I have a problem. What to do with run-on-explanations. You see, I’m not one to gloss over technical details. Glossing over details installs malware, starves puppies and spreads plague. I try to avoid such things. So I explain what I see and think to a (eventually) very sorry listener.  I live and work in a world that has way too many hidden possibilities and there is no clearly defined horizon between what the average user/business owner sees and what is actually happening.

Take email for example. Most people think it simply goes from their outbox to the other person’s inbox. What actually happens is mystifyingly complex and nebulous. It’s a true miracle it works at all. Important equipment talking with each other and asking, “is this yours?” and “okay then where does it go?” So many ways it can go wrong and we can easily be mislead. One look at your inbox and you can see evidence of it. grandma-viagra

I work very hard at explaining technical topics to non-technical people but technology has outpaced my ability distill them down into a brief conversation. There are an infinite number of possible ways to get into technical trouble on the web. So I’ve decided to stop trying to explain and instead adopt an approach we’ll call Tao of the web.

I adopted this approach for myself many years ago thanks to Benjamin Hoff’s wonderful book The Tao of Pooh 1. I think it’s appropriate to share now. So this post is the introduction to a series of occasional posts aimed at trying to help provide a tether to reality for you. In true Taoist fashion, I’m going to try not to over-explain things.

Thank you

1. Hoff, Benjamin, The Tao of Pooh , New York, N.Y. : Penguin Books, 1983.

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