Building faculty profiles

A little background on the current state of affairs. During the move to stabilize our sites (see Rebuilding a university website. Step one.) we moved legacy content to WordPress and didn’t take time to do a redesign. We just used the content and design we already had. The design isn’t responsive and there’s old code for a mobile site that’s so outdated I’m rather ashamed it’s still there. I haven’t pulled the code because frankly I’m a tad nervous about what might happen if I do. Been there, done that, broke things.

The hodge podge of code, static HTML, and custom CMS pages that was our web infrastructure slowed us down and was choking our ability to let our clients work with their websites. And without a programmer on staff dedicated to it, would have continued to be a time suck for us to had we continued down that path. This is one of the biggest reasons I chose to go with WordPress. I know WordPress and so do several million others. I know I can find out what I don’t know pretty quickly. All of the functions that come with the default install of WordPress are well documented. That’s about 90% of the documentation work that will be needed. And it has an active support forum. WordPress will help us pass the bus test so the next guy or gal that takes my place should be able to pick up where I left off without much fuss (you’re welcome).

Plugins and their outcomes

I like space music – perfect to settle my mind and help me focus on the work at hand. Not just any space music but in particular the productions that are broadcast by Hearts of Space. Producer Stephen Hill has been at the microphone of this weekly show for over 30 years. His meticulous attention to detail is what separates his work. You will notice his voice and cadence are unique but so well matched to the subject matter. His attention to the details focuses on the music. Example, the online player is allowed to fade out and in as you switch tracks or even turn it off. Music is delivered at the pace best suited for slowing down, at a pace that built the star factories and black holes we explore today. So what’s this got to do with Plugins?