NU Update Online Campus Maps

For the past year my team and I have been working on replacing our outdated static campus map. On Friday April 4, 2014 we made our new online campus map available. This doesn’t sound quite as sexy as I’d like but it will mean a whole lot to the University over the next 5 years.

Map Platform Requirements

I dislike buzzwords for their lack of clarity so let me tell you what I mean by map platform. A mapping platform is both a data repository and a tool. As a database, the platform stores geographic data in a format that allows for building relationships between data, includes coordinates for location, and meta data – fancy word for more data and content associated with the coordinate we’re looking at. As a tool, a map platform allows us to add the data, build relationships to other data, add meta data and to attach visual elements that help a user visualize the data in an easy to consume fashion. Here were our requirements for the map platform.