Do you know how to tell if a website proposal is any good? Do you know what to ask the designer before you hire them?

I do.

Decisions are the hardest part of a web project because the choices you make often influence more than you may realize. What you don’t know can cost you a lot of aggravation and money. This is when you want someone with experience and knowledge on your team.

I’ve spent years working with people just like you. I’m a website engineer & architect. I turn ideas and vision into the language website designers understand and add the technical details they need to know. I explain the pros & cons of options so you can make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Want my advice and guidance during the project? Sure! With a monthly retainer, I’ll make progress checks, answer your questions, and give you advice along the way. Imagine having an expert at your side to help you navigate the entire project, eliminate doubt and uninformed mistakes, and be there to support you.

Build your website with confidence.

Requests For Proposals

Request For Proposals (RFPs) define your ideas and hopes into a scope of work that potential contractors will use to provide a proposal.

I will interview you to learn the details of what you want in your website. I’ll guide you and help you understand what you need to know so you can make informed decisions. I add the technical details and ensure the overall plan is well thought out and appropriate to your budget range.

I’ll also help you understand what you’re asking for from the contractor’s point of view. I’ll point out where it’s better to be flexible or important to be very clear.

You’ll have an RFP you can then send to potential contractors to get proposals.

Physical Products:

  • The Request For Proposal in a PDF format.
  • A cover-letter in PDF and MS-Word format.

Request For Proposal for site with: 

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Have questions? Let’s talk!

Proposal Reviews

Proposals are full of details and can be confusing. They can sound great when you read them but don’t actually provide much for substance and commitment. I look out for your best interest. I will review a contractor’s proposal for errors and omissions and will answer any questions you may have. I’ll explain the details of what is being proposed, the steps, expectations and potential issues. I’ll tell you exactly what the contractor has proposed to do in a language you can understand.

Physical Products:

  • One Proposal in PDF format.

Proposal Review for site with: 

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Have questions? Let’s talk!

Website Assessments

Sometimes a small change made several weeks ago has an effect you didn’t notice till just now. If you’re website is acting strangely or you’d just like a sanity check, then I’d be happy to check it out for you. I’ll give it a comprehensive review and report back with what I find and suggestions on what you can do.

Physical Products:

  • One Assessment in PDF format.

Website Assessment for site with: 

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Project Support

As a website project unfolds questions will arise if not unforeseen issues. I can be there to explain the options and help you make the right decision. Communication is primarily done via email with an occasional phone call. Pricing is based on length of retainer.

Project Support Retainers: 

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Have questions or need more time? Let’s talk!