Don’t let gremlins stop you

I remember a new toy I got at Christmas that was exactly, EXACTLY, what I had asked Santa Claus for. It was the GI Joe Jeep. I remember the excitement and the anticipation while tearing off the wrapping paper and opening the package. Oh the joy at pushing that jeep around and making all the vroom, vroom sounds. I had freedom! I chased the Wehrmacht across the Rhine,  was blown up in France, and drove in a victory parade in London. I had power to chase bad guys, fight wars and I was cool.

Then a wheel came off and went rolling into the kitchen. My world came to a stop. It didn’t help that my sister grabbed the wheel and taunted me before running off. I was stunned. It came off and there was no more wind in my hair, chasing bad guys, or winning wars. I was crushed. Working with technology can be like that only a lot more frustrating than a toy with a missing wheel. At least I could pretend the missing wheel had been blown off by enemy mortar fire. But if my mobile phone stops working, it’s pretty much done. The term is “bricked” as in that’s about all it’s good for.