What makes a good digital marketer?

It's more human than you might think

What makes a good digital marketer? You don’t need a degree in anything. I think a true marketer – one that “gets it” – is born when they can see the full scope of the market and know the cards they could play to win their objective. They may not have all the answers but they can see the challenges and complex interplay of relationships of the people involved. The key to success is to be genuine and kind whether you’re at the 30,000 foot view or in the weeds. Marketing is an endeavor in building human relationships.

A Messaging Lesson from Rock Legend AC DC

They do one thing and one thing only, but they do it very well.

AC DC Album cover

Say what you will about my choice of music but I happen to like some of AC DC’s music. I think their best song is Night Prowler – rather obscure unless you know AC DC. There was some controversy on the origin and topic of this song but that aside, the music and the way the lyrics flow with the music is masterful. It’s a nice bluesy rock song with a lot of emphasis on the beat – which appeals to the target audience.

7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Like an Irish Music Session

Irish music session at Mickey Ryan's bar

If you’re lucky enough to have been present when an Irish music session takes over a pub, then you’ll understand what I’m about to share. But like social media marketing? Read on. 

7 Steps for a Higher Ed Social Media Campaign

Social media is a marketing tool that many businesses have not figured out how to use and measure the value of, let alone higher ed. Social media is a great way to connect with your target audience but when it comes to a marketing strategy and measuring ROI, many are stumped. Are you? Here are 7 steps to develop a social media campaign that will get attention, be successful, and prove the value of your social media investment – or not.

Our words make our world

Words. I’m humbled by great writers and orators. Did you know Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address twice before he delivered it? Two different copies written by hand. The speech is only 262 words long and one of the most powerful speeches ever given. It is said that Lincoln knew full-well the importance of that speech and prepared for it.

Below is a video, another demonstration of the power of words. It’s a promo piece for Andrea Gardner (Purplefeather) but the message is clear. Our choice of words matter. As I write more blog posts here, I am becoming more conscious of the words I choose. I’m still finding a proper gait and hope you’ll pardon me for the occasional goof and guffaw.

How to kill trust.

I used to love CNET. I’d go to their site for all sorts of news, information, and resources. I wasn’t on their site daily or even monthly but when I was researching a topic, I would visit their site because I trusted them as a resource. But not any more. Over the past 6 years or so I’ve only gone there because my favorite password program Robofom, uses them as their download site. What I’ve noticed is that CNET allows, and some say promotes, Adware, Malware and the like. I won’t disagree – in fact they’re right.