Are you real?

My daughter ignores me. She’s just about to enter her teens and has fully established independence from all things adult related including me and her mother. So it’s not a big surprise when I’m talking to her about her responsibilities or things that would be nice, helpful, fun to do, or I’d appreciate, that I get no response. “Please clean up your room” and “when will you be done” are met with silence. But ask her if she’d like a brownie and I have to stand out of the way as she’ll come charging into the kitchen! She’s a tween. I expect this.

But when I post a note on a support forum of a theme author, plugin, SaaS website, or anyplace where the business has a tool that allows me to ask them a question – including social media, a presence in a discussion forum, a blog, contact form, or ANY place they’ve listed as a place where they can be found and interacted with – then I expect them to respond when I post a question! Outrageous, I know.