WordPress Small Business Starter Kit

You want to build it right. Right?

You’ve got a laptop & a dream. You’re about to build a business website with WordPress. You’re looking for the freedom of owning your own business, selling your products or services online, and being able to finally achieve the independent success you’ve always wanted.  

But you’ve never worked with WordPress. It’s supposed to be easy, but you don’t know what you don’t know and that bothers you.

Hello, I'm Gregg Banse.

Building a weathertight WordPress website can be confusing but so essential. There are a lot of questions to answer and tech tasks to do. Stormproof Wordpress, gives you a master plan to create a rock solid foundation to build your WordPress website on!

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Storms happen

Several years ago, I wanted a WordPress website for my consulting business. I searched for a low cost web host and found one.  

Being smart with my money is important to me.  

Then, I built my website and launched. 

Soon after I began to change things around because - well - because I could. A few weeks later my website began to do strange things seemingly on it’s own. And then one day I saw a big error message on the screen where my home page used to be. Panic!

It took me over a week to figure out what happened. And I’m rather embarrassed to admit it, but it was my own fault!

I didn’t know what I didn’t know right? 

The hosting company didn’t cost much for a reason. I shared resources with high traffic, somewhat shady websites. Unbeknownst to me the webserver we shared was having trouble keeping up with their web traffic. The end result was a file I uploaded to my website didn’t upload because the transfer timed out and I didn’t notice. And I didn’t check my website after I uploaded until a few hours had passed. 

The result was a big fat error message that cost me a big consulting job I'd submitted a proposal for. Who knows how many other potential clients I lost because of it.

As a consultant I saw similar situations happen to several small business owners. They spent a lot of time and money trying to recover what they had lost. In some cases, it was more cost effective for them to start over from scratch. That’s why I wrote Stormproof WordPress - to help you avoid the same costly mistakes we made. 

Stormproof Wordpress

Stormproof WordPress will guide you through the different elements that go into making a solid foundation for your WordPress website. A foundation that can weather unforeseen storms and keep your website safe and secure

I wish I knew what I didn't know back then. I wish someone else had written Stormproof WordPress before I built my first WordPress website.

Don’t let your dream get washed away by something you can prevent

Stormproof WordPress is a straightforward, easy to read guide on what to do BEFORE disaster happens - even if you already have a WordPress website. In this book, I walk you through all of the elements that make for a solid foundation to support your website and what to look out for. 

Stormproof Wordpress is full of the secrets I've learned from 20 years of working online. I even give you tools to choose the right host, theme, and plugins to save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of worry! As an added BONUS, I even threw in a WordPress Configuration Checklist!

What's Inside:

How to choose a website host. It's hard to know which host to choose. You may not learn you've chosen the wrong host until it's too late and when you need them most. Wouldn't it be nice if someone explained what you need know and told you what to look for? Get the guide and you'll get my Website Hosting Comparison Worksheet, prepopulated with 10 well known website hosts.

How to choose WordPress Theme. So many, many options. And while they may look pretty, they're not all the same when it comes to configuration options, functionality, and support. Follow my recipe for selecting a theme and find one that works best for you. I've also included my Theme Comparison Worksheet.

How to choose Plugins. Plugins add bolt-on functionality to WordPress. But what happens when you choose the WRONG plugin? It may be nothing or it could be hours of frustration - or worse - a broken website. Don't leave it to chance, follow the steps I use to help you make the best choices using my Plugin Comparison Worksheet

Plus I share my thoughts on SEO plugins and WordPress Security. Stormproof WordPress, is a handy, easy to ready guide with worksheets to help you plan. Use the included bonus WordPress Configuration Checklist to make sure your WordPress website is completely configured and ready to go before you launch!

Click the button below, fill out the pre-order form, and you'll be sent the zip file (in early July) containing: 

  • Stormproof WordPress
  • Website Hosting Comparison Worksheet (pre-filled with 10 popular hosts)
  • Theme Comparison Worksheet
  • Plugin Comparison Worksheet
  • Added Bonus: WordPress Configuration Checklist!

Click the button below, fill out the pre-order form, and you'll get my secrets to building a rock solid foundation for your WordPress website all for a little more than the price of a latte.