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Short Version

  • I’m a digital strategist and marketer.
  • I architect digital solutions & solve digital conundrums.
  • I’m a clever chap that likes to develop strategies and see them work.
  • I keep up with the latest tools and tactics.
  • I weave technologies together to do something you hadn’t thought of before.
  • I monitor it all with analytics and swear by user testing.
  • I lead project teams, work with vendors, play well with designers, can write up functional specifications, and even do the dishes (sometimes).
  • I come with the insight of experience and an instruction manual on how to use it.
  • If you want the details, here’s my resume or just contact me to find out more.

Long Version

What the above boils down to is I’m a digital solutions provider. I find the gaps between objectives and the plan to get there. Then I alter (or create) the plan to fill those gaps and achieve the objectives. Here’s a bit more about what I do.

Project Planning

Every project needs a plan. The key is knowing the objective and what is needed to get there. I develop and execute project plans that align web content to follow a strategic path designed to achieve the objective. I spend time getting familiar the pieces that need to come together to make a project successful.  If you don’t have them, I’ll help you find them. If they need training or upgrades, I’ll help you plan that too. I look at the big picture, the one that depends upon and affects the entire school.

Strategic Planning

Organizing web content, people, tools and tactics into a plan requires a strategy. Strategies are often broken up into what’s needed right now and what’s needed a few years out. I help you zero in on what’s important and what will evolve as the project matures. I identify strategic objectives and provision for them with close involvement of key stakeholders.

Project Management

Staying on to of a web project can be a challenge. I lead teams, work with vendors, play well with designers and other creatives, and involve campus community members where appropriate. I understand content management systems and the people that use them. Your community has a wide variety of skills and needs and moving a project forward often depends on winning their confidence and working within their abilities. I involve communities as part of the project team. I seek to keep people informed and ensure everyone knows what they’re responsible for and when it needs to be done.

Performance Frameworks

Websites can look really slick but how do you know if they’re worth the resources put into them? This is what performance frameworks are for. A performance framework is a strategic selection of metrics, key performance indicators, analytics code, calls to action, and reporting tools designed to inform stakeholders of website performance. Performance frameworks don’t care about design awards or popularity. Their job is to help keep track of progress toward achieving business objectives. I assess and adjust performance frameworks toward achieving your business objectives.

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