How To Build A WordPress Framework

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What is a WordPress framework? A WordPress framework is the combination of WordPress, theme, a selection of plugins and online services to create a flexible, functional platform we can use to accomplish online marketing with relative ease of use. What I didn’t mention but I’m sure you’re aware of is that it takes work on our part to find the …

Cooking the Web

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I love to cook. I’m not a chef but I’m a passable cook. I can do more than boil water and love to try new recipes. I love the art and science of cooking and how flavors are created, layered and combined to create the final delicious meal. I love the feel of a sharp knife as it cuts and …

What to do BEFORE you install WordPress

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Have you noticed how software authors and online service providers are very clear about where their responsibility begins and ends? I don’t fault them. It’s good business to be clear. But it doesn’t help a user that’s struggling to figure out what to do. The WordPress install itself is extremely easy BUT it depends on having a place to install …

Tao of the web

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I like to help the people especially when it comes to web related issues. But I have a problem. What to do with run-on-explanations. You see, I’m not one to gloss over technical details. Glossing over details installs malware, starves puppies and spreads plague. I try to avoid such things. So I explain what I see and think to a (eventually) very sorry …

Don’t let gremlins stop you

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I remember a new toy I got at Christmas that was exactly, EXACTLY, what I had asked Santa Claus for. It was the GI Joe Jeep. I remember the excitement and the anticipation while tearing off the wrapping paper and opening the package. Oh the joy at pushing that jeep around and making all the vroom, vroom sounds. I had freedom! I chased …

WordPress Websites for Small Business in 300 words

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A WordPress website for small business is a process. And it’s not really Design as we know it. It’s more of a selection process with the visual design as the last item of import. Here’s the basic recipe that I always follow: