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Metrics and KPIs in higher ed

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The job of most websites is to provide sufficient information to answer the visitor’s questions and compel them to do something.  In higher ed, the action we want them to take is tied to enrollment – a business objective. The problem is, prospective students don’t visit a university website and apply as if they were buying a shirt. Their journey to that decision …

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2017 Higher Ed CMS Survey

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What Content Management Systems does higher ed use? Which CMSs are most common? This is the 2017 Higher Ed CMS Survey. Complete the survey and help the community!

Shorten the time from sap to syrup.

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Outside the sun is shining. The temperatures here in Vermont are rising from their early morning chill to something more reasonable – for Vermont that is. Vermont sugar makers are chomping at the bit. They’re waiting for those temperatures to rise above freezing, or more specifically, for the nights temps to drop below freezing and then swing to above during …