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Mobile & Local: Using beacon technology

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Long ago I wondered about those global positioning satellites above us. I thought about how they can pinpoint where we are and how we might use that technology for more than just targeting systems. Then mobile phones came out and not long after Google Maps showed us how to get around. When Bluetooth came about, our phones suddenly became part of a hyper-local …

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5 Ways Universities Will Leverage Beacons in 2016

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Beacons and proximity marketing aren’t just for commercial business uses. Higher education will use them to enrich the on-campus experience in 2016 (okay – maybe 2017). Here are some ways beacons will be used along with examples from the commercial world. Beacon technology offers higher ed some key advantages like reduced costs and increased efficiency. Some campuses have already begun to deploy beacon networks. The need …

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Mobile App Product Advertising

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A short background on where this idea came from. Product placement is the practice of displaying a brand’s product or trademark somewhere within the content being consumed. It can be subtle or big and bold. Product placement has been around a long time. “In the 1920s-30s US commercial radio evolved into a sponsored medium when broadcasters sought to impose the cost …

Birth of a University Mobile App

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One of the first projects I was handed after I started at Norwich University was responsibility for a mobile app. The conversation with my boss at the time went something like this. “…and we need to work with Admissions on the mobile app.” “What mobile app?” “Admissions and the Development office have been talking about a mobile app.” “How far …