WordPress Framework: Landing Pages

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(Note: This post is part four in a series about How To Build A WordPress Framework) A landing page is a web page optimized to convert the user from visitor to a lead or buyer. They are designed to answer all of the user’s questions, remove all of the resistance, and give the user the easiest path to completing the …

WordPress Framework: eMail Service

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(Note: This post is part two in a series about How To Build A WordPress Framework) Last week I shared with you the state of affairs at LCMM. They were rather rough. After assessing what I had to work with, I decided to get email service with automation in place ASAP. The reason had to do with a few errors …

Is SEO Dead?

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Perhaps you’ve heard of a thing called search engine optimization (SEO for short). SEO was defined as the intentional manipulation of on-page elements to influence the ranking of a web page in the search results. That definition no longer holds true. When Google first launched, and for several years after, the techniques of SEO worked great! But then Google got smart. …

Image of steel structure

7 Reasons Digital Marketing Needs Structure

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Last week, I was watching the construction of a new 5 story academic building on the campus of George Mason University. It’s been going on for months but this time I noticed something that I’d like to share. As I watched the construction crew assemble the big steel support structure I realized a nascent thought about digital marketing coming to …

Give your audience a gift

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Marketing isn’t a pattern or recipe or model. Marketing is a dynamic conversation with shifting interests and topics. Conversations often start slow, sometimes circling till they find a common thread that both parties find interesting.

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It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it

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About 6 months ago I watched a TED Talk presented by Simon Sinek on the subject of how great leaders inspire action (see video below). What fascinates me is the idea is so simple and powerful. I believe we all instinctively judge how much we trust someone talking to us. What’s more fascinating are the reasons behind why we judge and how they can be …

AC DC Album cover

A Messaging Lesson from Rock Legend AC DC

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Say what you will about my choice of music but I happen to like some of AC DC’s music. I think their best song is Night Prowler – rather obscure unless you know AC DC. There was some controversy on the origin and topic of this song but that aside, the music and the way the lyrics flow with the …

Irish music session at Mickey Ryan's bar

7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Like an Irish Music Session

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If you’re lucky enough to have been present when an Irish music session takes over a pub, then you’ll understand what I’m about to share. But like social media marketing? Read on. 

7 Steps for a Higher Ed Social Media Campaign

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Social media is a marketing tool that many businesses have not figured out how to use and measure the value of, let alone higher ed. Social media is a great way to connect with your target audience but when it comes to a marketing strategy and measuring ROI, many are stumped. Are you? Here are 7 steps to develop a social media campaign that …

Where does the admissions process really begin?

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Many admissions folks in higher ed would say that the admissions process begins at a college fair or with the prospect filling out the form to request a visit. Um, sorry but no. That’s at least a distant second to where the process actually begins. They already know about you by the time they attend a college fair or fill out …