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5 Ways Universities Will Leverage Beacons in 2016

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Beacons and proximity marketing aren’t just for commercial business uses. Higher education will use them to enrich the on-campus experience in 2016 (okay – maybe 2017). Here are some ways beacons will be used along with examples from the commercial world. Beacon technology offers higher ed some key advantages like reduced costs and increased efficiency. Some campuses have already begun to deploy beacon networks. The need …

7 Steps for a Higher Ed Social Media Campaign

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Social media is a marketing tool that many businesses have not figured out how to use and measure the value of, let alone higher ed. Social media is a great way to connect with your target audience but when it comes to a marketing strategy and measuring ROI, many are stumped. Are you? Here are 7 steps to develop a social media campaign that …

Choosing a CMS Selection Committee.

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Having been a part of a few Content Management System (CMS) selections for universities both as a committee member and as a vendor, I’ve learned a bit about selection committees. The typical process for selecting a CMS in higher education is:

21st Century Technology Skills Are a Core Competency for Today’s Graduates

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While I agree with the author I worry that the emphasis on technology and education sometimes forgives a lack of basic common manners and decency. It’s all well and good to be a a thought leader in technology but people skills and especially the ability to treat others well, is a skill that sometimes suffers.

Students are my customers.

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Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) was a keynote speaker at the HighEdWeb 2013 conference in Buffalo, New York. If you’ve never seen him, I highly recommend you do. He has a knack for applying spot on common sense to the marketing world and does it in an entertaining way. Scott gave us a lot of great tips and among them was “May …