Recipes for Marketing?

Create a secret sauce that works for you!

Do you feel hesitant or confused about where to start with your marketing? Many small business owners and marketing managers I’ve worked with feel this way. We need marketing to create the appeal that will attract our customers but sometimes we aren’t always sure where to start or how to sort out what we may have inherited on the job. For whatever reason, we decide to do nothing, or worse, plunge in and spend a lot of money with little or no return!

I did that – tried many different things and spent a lot of money for nothing other than the experience of learning. Not a good business practice. I knew I needed to find the right tools and learn how to use them in order to be successful. But how?

After many years of trying and failing, wasting money and feeling frustrated, I finally figured it out.

I needed a recipe.

I needed something that would get me started and was easy to understand. Something that told me what I needed, how to use it, and provided the steps. Something simple to start and easy to modify once I began to see success. But where to find it? I had to find someone or a community of someones that knew what they were talking about. Let’s be honest, a lot of people say they are marketers and some are better salespeople than they are marketers.

I wanted to find people that were honest even when they weren’t sure what they were doing would work. People that were willing to work side by side with me even if they were learning. I wanted a community where sharing, learning together, and helping each other was the norm. Where I didn’t feel like I was being pitched to all the time.

I never found the ideal community so I decided to create it. Welcome to the Marketer’s Kitchen.

Just like every cook or chef needs proper tools to learn the techniques and build their skills, so too do marketers. You may not consider yourself a marketer but if you need customers, you need marketing which makes you a marketer. Whether you’re a small business owner or a team member for a larger organization, every marketer needs good tools, the knowledge of how to use them, and plenty of practice.

In the Marketer’s Kitchen you’ll find

  • Discounts on upcoming courses taught by myself or other trusted experts
  • Marketing recipes you can try for yourself
  • Resources to try new, or refine your current, techniques
  • Links to marketing tools with reviews by people that have used them
  • Downloads to help you conduct your business with less hassle
  • Discussions on how to use the tools and anything marketing!
  • A supportive environment where you can make mistakes without judgement
  • A place to seek help as you work your way through marketing courses

Come in and join the first cohort! The Marketer’s Kitchen will open with its first course offer in mid to late March! If you’d like to be notified when the grand opening is announced, please subscribe to the list!

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