Irish music session at Mickey Ryan's bar

7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Like an Irish Music Session

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If you’re lucky enough to have been present when an Irish music session takes over a pub, then you’ll understand what I’m about to share. But like social media marketing? Read on. 

7 Steps for a Higher Ed Social Media Campaign

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Social media is a marketing tool that many businesses have not figured out how to use and measure the value of, let alone higher ed. Social media is a great way to connect with your target audience but when it comes to a marketing strategy and measuring ROI, many are stumped. Are you? Here are 7 steps to develop a social media campaign that …

Social Media Demographics for Higher Ed 2014-2015

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Social Media is growing quickly and the demographics are shifting as quickly. I spent some time sifting through Pew Research Institute’s reports as well as Google’s YouTube Demographic data and a few other sources.** I thought it would be useful to compile the data in one place so here it is.

Where does the admissions process really begin?

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Many admissions folks in higher ed would say that the admissions process begins at a college fair or with the prospect filling out the form to request a visit. Um, sorry but no. That’s at least a distant second to where the process actually begins. They already know about you by the time they attend a college fair or fill out …

Choosing a CMS Selection Committee.

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Having been a part of a few Content Management System (CMS) selections for universities both as a committee member and as a vendor, I’ve learned a bit about selection committees. The typical process for selecting a CMS in higher education is:

Pitching your CMS? Please come prepared.

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I think of myself as a WordPress advocate. A fanatic at times but in general a cheerleader for the simplicity and extensibility of the WordPress platform. It really is a flexible platform with a rabid following. It has the largest community and most installs of any CMS bar none. It’s also very easy for anyone to use – well almost …

Old school versus New school: the use of mobile devices in the classroom

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When I was in school we weren’t allowed to use calculators. It wasn’t until we took physics and calculus that we were allowed to use them – and that was in high school. Calculators are a prevalent today. Every mobile device has one and grade school kids use them whether they’re supposed to or not. There is an ongoing debate …

Cooking the Web

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I love to cook. I’m not a chef but I’m a passable cook. I can do more than boil water and love to try new recipes. I love the art and science of cooking and how flavors are created, layered and combined to create the final delicious meal. I love the feel of a sharp knife as it cuts and …

KISSing Google Analytics

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When it comes to efficiency I’m a tad militant. If I can shave a few seconds off a task – especially one that I repeat over and over again through a work day, week, month, I’m a happy boy. I don’t mind spending a few minutes to do prep and setup because in the end the result can save me many hours over time …

What to do BEFORE you install WordPress

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Have you noticed how software authors and online service providers are very clear about where their responsibility begins and ends? I don’t fault them. It’s good business to be clear. But it doesn’t help a user that’s struggling to figure out what to do. The WordPress install itself is extremely easy BUT it depends on having a place to install …

Tao of the web

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I like to help the people especially when it comes to web related issues. But I have a problem. What to do with run-on-explanations. You see, I’m not one to gloss over technical details. Glossing over details installs malware, starves puppies and spreads plague. I try to avoid such things. So I explain what I see and think to a (eventually) very sorry …