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5 Ways Universities Will Leverage Beacons in 2016

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Beacons and proximity marketing aren’t just for commercial business uses. Higher education will use them to enrich the on-campus experience in 2016 (okay – maybe 2017). Here are some ways beacons will be used along with examples from the commercial world. Beacon technology offers higher ed some key advantages like reduced costs and increased efficiency. Some campuses have already begun to deploy beacon networks. The need …

To survive, we must all become Paikea: the Whale Rider

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The story of Paikea is a Maori legend. Paikea escaped being killed by his brother on the back of a whale. Paikea made it to shore and the whale became an island.[1. The Story of Paikea and Ruatapu, National Library of New Zealand, September 1962] While the story is Maori, there is lesson that applies to all of us and …

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7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Like An Ouija Game

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Social media has an element of the unknown just like Ouija. It appears simple enough on the surface but when you get your hands on it, it’s not quite as easy as you may have first thought. Truth in advertising is hard to come by, but the Ouija board was “interesting and mysterious”; it actually had been “proven” to work at …

I graduated with a degree in marketing and communications! Now what?

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Back when I was a senior in high school I attended a business leader summit. 8 business leaders from some of the well know companies in the area met with seniors from the area high schools for a panel discussion on the topic of college and careers. 3 hours of discussion on topics I don’t even remember (this was 30+ …

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7 Reasons Digital Marketing Needs Structure

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Last week, I was watching the construction of a new 5 story academic building on the campus of George Mason University. It’s been going on for months but this time I noticed something that I’d like to share. As I watched the construction crew assemble the big steel support structure I realized a nascent thought about digital marketing coming to …

Give your audience a gift

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Marketing isn’t a pattern or recipe or model. Marketing is a dynamic conversation with shifting interests and topics. Conversations often start slow, sometimes circling till they find a common thread that both parties find interesting.

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It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it

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About 6 months ago I watched a TED Talk presented by Simon Sinek on the subject of how great leaders inspire action (see video below). What fascinates me is the idea is so simple and powerful. I believe we all instinctively judge how much we trust someone talking to us. What’s more fascinating are the reasons behind why we judge and how they can be …

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Let’s Play A Game With Your Company’s Reputation

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Would you like to play a game? Small to medium size companies tend to hire young professionals to fill social media positions. These social media experts tend to be energetic, idealistic, and eager to prove their merit. Because they grew up with social media they’re quite comfortable with the different social media platforms. Using a laptop on the grass, a mobile …

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Mobile App Product Advertising

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A short background on where this idea came from. Product placement is the practice of displaying a brand’s product or trademark somewhere within the content being consumed. It can be subtle or big and bold. Product placement has been around a long time. “In the 1920s-30s US commercial radio evolved into a sponsored medium when broadcasters sought to impose the cost …

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Value-Added Storytelling

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Content is king. That’s what we used to say 10 years ago. And it’s still king – sort of. The issue is that as more and more people vie for visibility and authority, the same stories get repackaged in a different wrapper and published over and over. And the overall value of the content diminishes over time.

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A Messaging Lesson from Rock Legend AC DC

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Say what you will about my choice of music but I happen to like some of AC DC’s music. I think their best song is Night Prowler – rather obscure unless you know AC DC. There was some controversy on the origin and topic of this song but that aside, the music and the way the lyrics flow with the …