SEO plugins for WordPress

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked “what’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress?” My immediate reply (trying to keep the look of exasperation off my face) is to ask, “in terms of what?” Think of it this way, what if someone asked you what’s the best car or best place to live? For me these questions are impossible to answer without some guidelines. What makes a car the best car or some place the best place?! Define that and then I can answer. So I’m going to tell you what would make a great SEO plugin for me. It’s less than you might think.

Plugins and their outcomes

I like space music – perfect to settle my mind and help me focus on the work at hand. Not just any space music but in particular the productions that are broadcast by Hearts of Space. Producer Stephen Hill has been at the microphone of this weekly show for over 30 years. His meticulous attention to detail is what separates his work. You will notice his voice and cadence are unique but so well matched to the subject matter. His attention to the details focuses on the music. Example, the online player is allowed to fade out and in as you switch tracks or even turn it off. Music is delivered at the pace best suited for slowing down, at a pace that built the star factories and black holes we explore today. So what’s this got to do with Plugins?

Step away from the plugin sir.

WordPress is a content publishing platform ready made for bolt on functionality. The bolt-on functionality comes in the form of a plugin. If you’d like a calendar, there are plugins for that. If you want an email newsletter sign-up form, there are plugins for that, if you want to optimize your database – yes, plugins for that too. In fact, there are over 29,000 plugins available in the WordPress plugin repository. So many options it’s hard not to go wild and add a plugin for everything I want that’s missing with my theme, tools to help make my site more efficient, something that’s really cool, or …. But hold up there! Just because there plugins for everything doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to use them all. Restraint is a very good idea when it comes to plugins. Here’s why.