Cooking the Web

I love to cook. I’m not a chef but I’m a passable cook. I can do more than boil water and love to try new recipes. I love the art and science of cooking and how flavors are created, layered and combined to create the final delicious meal. I love the feel of a sharp knife as it cuts and the smells as I build a dish. There is an art in choosing side dishes that match the main meal that match the wine or other beverage and all of them work together to maximize the taste experience. Heady stuff and beyond my simple abilities. I’d never survive in a professional kitchen – I’m better suited to mess halls – but I have learned there is a close parallel between cooking and building a fantastic website that’s not only functional but fun to use!

KISSing Google Analytics

When it comes to efficiency I’m a tad militant. If I can shave a few seconds off a task – especially one that I repeat over and over again through a work day, week, month, I’m a happy boy. I don’t mind spending a few minutes to do prep and setup because in the end the result can save me many hours over time – which leads me to KISSing Google Analytics.

Tao of the web

I like to help the people especially when it comes to web related issues. But I have a problem. What to do with run-on-explanations. You see, I’m not one to gloss over technical details. Glossing over details installs malware, starves puppies and spreads plague. I try to avoid such things. So I explain what I see and think to a (eventually) very sorry listener.  I live and work in a world that has way too many hidden possibilities and there is no clearly defined horizon between what the average user/business owner sees and what is actually happening.

Take email for example. Most people think it simply goes from their outbox to the other