Give your audience a gift

pleasant surprises last far longer than the moment

Marketing isn’t a pattern or recipe or model. Marketing is a dynamic conversation with shifting interests and topics. Conversations often start slow, sometimes circling till they find a common thread that both parties find interesting.

Fight Adversity With Creativity

After convincing a now-famous copier company to shorten its name from Haloid-Xerox … [George] Lois shot a TV commercial showing a toddler making photocopies. When the FCC objected that the ad misrepresented the machine’s ease of use, Lois shot a new commercial showing a chimpanzee making photocopies. He invited FCC staffers to attend the shoot. The spots became a sensation.

A Messaging Lesson from Rock Legend AC DC

They do one thing and one thing only, but they do it very well.

AC DC Album cover

Say what you will about my choice of music but I happen to like some of AC DC’s music. I think their best song is Night Prowler – rather obscure unless you know AC DC. There was some controversy on the origin and topic of this song but that aside, the music and the way the lyrics flow with the music is masterful. It’s a nice bluesy rock song with a lot of emphasis on the beat – which appeals to the target audience.

Pitching your CMS? Please come prepared.

I think of myself as a WordPress advocate. A fanatic at times but in general a cheerleader for the simplicity and extensibility of the WordPress platform. It really is a flexible platform with a rabid following. It has the largest community and most installs of any CMS bar none. It’s also very easy for anyone to use – well almost anyone. I still run into the occasional person that thinks it’s back-frontwards. But it didn’t reach the level of popularity it enjoys today without doing something right. So I was a tad surprised at myself  when I had a chance to vote for WordPress as a viable CMS for our university – George Mason University – and I voted against it. Let me start a bit further back.

How to kill trust.

I used to love CNET. I’d go to their site for all sorts of news, information, and resources. I wasn’t on their site daily or even monthly but when I was researching a topic, I would visit their site because I trusted them as a resource. But not any more. Over the past 6 years or so I’ve only gone there because my favorite password program Robofom, uses them as their download site. What I’ve noticed is that CNET allows, and some say promotes, Adware, Malware and the like. I won’t disagree – in fact they’re right.