Metrics and KPIs in higher ed

how to define a useful KPI

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The job of most websites is to provide sufficient information to answer the visitor’s questions and compel them to do something.  In higher ed, the action we want them to take is tied to enrollment – a business objective. The problem is, prospective students don’t visit a university website and apply as if they were buying a shirt. Their journey to that decision often travels a convoluted path. They may speak with a recruiter at a college fair, visit our website and those of other schools dozens of times, email back and forth with admissions, engage the university via social media, etc. It’s very difficult to accurately track the entire sales funnel for every prospect. So how then do we measure the effectiveness of a university website? I think we need to do it by creating a yardstick we know and trust – the KPI.

Auguste Gusteau on Digital Marketing

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