How To Build A WordPress Framework

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What is a WordPress framework? A WordPress framework is the combination of WordPress, theme, a selection of plugins and online services to create a flexible, functional platform we can use to accomplish online marketing with relative ease of use. What I didn’t mention but I’m sure you’re aware of is that it takes work on our part to find the …

Image of steel structure

7 Reasons Digital Marketing Needs Structure

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Last week, I was watching the construction of a new 5 story academic building on the campus of George Mason University. It’s been going on for months but this time I noticed something that I’d like to share. As I watched the construction crew assemble the big steel support structure I realized a nascent thought about digital marketing coming to …

Where does the admissions process really begin?

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Many admissions folks in higher ed would say that the admissions process begins at a college fair or with the prospect filling out the form to request a visit. Um, sorry but no. That’s at least a distant second to where the process actually begins. They already know about you by the time they attend a college fair or fill out …