Impress with Organization

The first impression is so very important. When your customer first receives a business document, an email, visits your website, reviews your social media profile, or views any other representation of you, the very first thing that registers with them is an initial reaction to what they see. They may not be conscious of what their reaction is but it’s there. Clean and organized wins. Be intentional, be consistent across all communications.

It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it

Focus on your passion and the product will sell itself

image of someone asking for directions

About 6 months ago I watched a TED Talk presented by Simon Sinek on the subject of how great leaders inspire action (see video below). What fascinates me is the idea is so simple and powerful. I believe we all instinctively judge how much we trust someone talking to us. What’s more fascinating are the reasons behind why we judge and how they can be influenced.

Rory Sutherland (Olgivy) on Goal Dilution

If you actually look at a great business, you’ll nearly always see all of these three things coming into play.Really, really successful businesses — Google is great, great technological success, but it’s also based on a very good psychological insight: People believe something that only does one thing is better at that thing than something that does that thing and something else. It’s an innate thing called goal dilution. Ayelet Fishbach has written a paper about this.