Is SEO Dead?

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Perhaps you’ve heard of a thing called search engine optimization (SEO for short). SEO was defined as the intentional manipulation of on-page elements to influence the ranking of a web page in the search results. That definition no longer holds true. When Google first launched, and for several years after, the techniques of SEO worked great! But then Google got smart. …

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My New Year’s Resolution for 2018

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Hello and Happy New Year! Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I love how people seem to be a bit kinder to each other, a bit slower and more patient. I enjoy soaking in the spirit each house puts on display in the form of lights and decorations. But this holiday season, the snowflakes weren’t aligned quite …

Start With Why

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To succeed in business you need a plan with a clear goal and strategy. Selecting tools without knowing precisely what you’re trying to achieve is futile and can be costly. Just blogging without any idea of who’s reading it, why they are reading, what you want them to do, and how you can get them to do it, is a …

What makes a good digital marketer?

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What makes a good digital marketer? You don’t need a degree in anything. I think a true marketer – one that “gets it” – is born when they can see the full scope of the market and know the cards they could play to win their objective. They may not have all the answers but they can see the challenges and …

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Metrics and KPIs in higher ed

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The job of most websites is to provide sufficient information to answer the visitor’s questions and compel them to do something.  In higher ed, the action we want them to take is tied to enrollment – a business objective. The problem is, prospective students don’t visit a university website and apply as if they were buying a shirt. Their journey to that decision …

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2017 Higher Ed CMS Survey

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What Content Management Systems does higher ed use? Which CMSs are most common? This is the 2017 Higher Ed CMS Survey. Complete the survey and help the community!

Every university has story. Tell it.

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More often than not content on a website – especially in higher ed – is rather dull and uninspiring. The closest we get to creating emotion is through news posts, stories about students, alumni, faculty and staff. We can do better. The meat & potatoes of a university website is where we introduce a prospect to our schools, our programs, and administration. …

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Mobile & Local: Using beacon technology

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Long ago I wondered about those global positioning satellites above us. I thought about how they can pinpoint where we are and how we might use that technology for more than just targeting systems. Then mobile phones came out and not long after Google Maps showed us how to get around. When Bluetooth came about, our phones suddenly became part of a hyper-local …

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5 Ways Universities Will Leverage Beacons in 2016

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Beacons and proximity marketing aren’t just for commercial business uses. Higher education will use them to enrich the on-campus experience in 2016 (okay – maybe 2017). Here are some ways beacons will be used along with examples from the commercial world. Beacon technology offers higher ed some key advantages like reduced costs and increased efficiency. Some campuses have already begun to deploy beacon networks. The need …

To survive, we must all become Paikea: the Whale Rider

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The story of Paikea is a Maori legend. Paikea escaped being killed by his brother on the back of a whale. Paikea made it to shore and the whale became an island.[1. The Story of Paikea and Ruatapu, National Library of New Zealand, September 1962] While the story is Maori, there is lesson that applies to all of us and …

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7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Like An Ouija Game

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Social media has an element of the unknown just like Ouija. It appears simple enough on the surface but when you get your hands on it, it’s not quite as easy as you may have first thought. Truth in advertising is hard to come by, but the Ouija board was “interesting and mysterious”; it actually had been “proven” to work at …

I graduated with a degree in marketing and communications! Now what?

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Back when I was a senior in high school I attended a business leader summit. 8 business leaders from some of the well know companies in the area met with seniors from the area high schools for a panel discussion on the topic of college and careers. 3 hours of discussion on topics I don’t even remember (this was 30+ …